23 de junio de 2009

How are you going to change the world?

Because when we all do our bit, all our bits add up to something BIG. And that’s I-HEART. It’s a movement that’s happening right now; My bit + your bit + their bit.

Call this email request what you will… an experiment maybe… and we’re all scientists… but WE WANT TO KNOW – and we want to make BIG news of it -- How are you going to change the world? Take a photo of yourself – with your answer written on aa piece of A4 – nice and clear – and email it to us! Simple.

It could be anything from “show love”... or... “forgive my aunt” to “start an organisation that rescues child soldiers”... or... “feed the homeless”… Whatever rings true for you. And that’s the thing – It’s all of us all doing our own part – no matter what the size… Each of our parts matter more than we could possibly know.

With these photos we’re going to inspire each other through this blog and in a few weeks we’re going to make a BIG installation to make a BIG statement on what is possible when we all work together…

You’ll also be in the running to feature on our I-HEART screen savers and such to be released later this year… + we think they wouldn’t be the same without you.

Just email your pic* to thepeople@i-heart.org with your first name and country by July 1st – But the sooner the better really.

We truly can’t wait to see all your faces,
Karla @ I-HEART

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francisco dijo...

ami me gusta el blog que ay palabra de DIOS por eso me quedo aquí que DIOS SIGA BENDICIENDO SU MINISTERIO Y SU CASA